Bakersfield White Collar Crime Attorney

Your career means the world to you. You have spent years climbing the corporate ladder, but now white collar crime accusations are threatening to undo all of your hard work. If you are facing white collar crimes charges in Bakersfield, talk to a Bakersfield criminal attorney as soon as possible.

A white collar crime is a non-violent crime where a person takes advantage of his or her position of privilege to unlawfully obtain money, property, or information. Unfortunately, many hardworking people are accused of white collar crimes that they have no idea they’ve committed. In companies where fraud and embezzlement run rampant among your colleagues and managers, you may think that your actions are simply an expected part of the business—until someone starts cracking down. But even an entirely innocent accounting mistake can come across as an intentional embezzlement attempt to the untrained eye.

Whether you made a mistake or are fighting entirely false allegations, you deserve an attorney who will fight hard to defend you. Contact a Bakersfield criminal attorney today to discuss your case.

Bakersfield’s Criminal Attorney

Our team of Bakersfield criminal attorneys is ready to defend you against any and all Bakersfield criminal charges, including white collar crimes such as:

At our law office, we are fully dedicated to protecting your best interests at all times. We know that publicity of your case can destroy your career no matter what the outcome is, and we work quickly to keep coverage to a minimum. We thoroughly examine the evidence to bring new facts to light that will challenge the prosecution. Whether we ultimately negotiate reduced charges or a full dismissal, our primary goal is making sure your best interests are served. For more information, contact us and schedule your free consultation with a top Bakersfield criminal attorney today.