Bakersfield Computer Crime Lawyer

As access and understanding of the internet continues to grow, the opportunity for crime on the internet has also expanded. As a result, California law enforcement takes computer crimes very seriously. If you are facing computer crime charges in Bakersfield, contact a Bakersfield criminal attorney as soon as possible.

If you think you are under suspicion of a computer crime, your first impulse may be to delete your files. Unfortunately, this move has the potential to backfire. Bakersfield police have access to advanced operations that can find files buried deep within your computer’s hard drive, even if you think you have deleted it. If you are arrested and caught trying to delete files—or if, even more drastically—you tried to destroy your computer with tools or by hand—you could face additional charges of tampering with or attempting to destroy evidence. Not only could this hurt your case, but it could lead to harsher sentencing later on. If you suspect that you are under investigation, start protecting yourself immediately by contacting a skilled Bakersfield criminal attorney.

Our Bakersfield Criminal Attorney Handles All Types of Computer Crime Cases

Our team of Bakersfield criminal attorneys is ready to defend you against any and all Bakersfield criminal charges, including such computer crimes as:

When the police have your hard drive, you might think that any defense is hopeless—the prosecution might even tell you as much. But there is hope. Was there probable cause to search your computer? Was your hard drive illegally seized? Were you a victim of entrapment? These are just a few circumstances that could lead to a full dismissal of your case before it even makes it to trial.

Being convicted of a computer crime could change your life. Many computer crimes are felonies, which could result in fines and prison time. Don’t let your case get to that point—protect yourself now with solid legal representation.