Probation Violation Lawyer

Your first criminal trial was frightening enough. But on the strength of your case and the defense of your Bakersfield criminal lawyer, you were able to avoid jail time and were sentenced to probation instead. As tempting as it is, resist the urge to celebrate. You are not home free just yet. If you are caught violating the terms of your probation, you could end up right back where you started—or even worse.

A probation violation is dangerous ground. Unlike criminal trial, where the burden of proof rests with the prosecution, at a probation hearing it is up to you and your attorney to prove your innocence. You must prove that you are, in fact, taking your probation seriously. If a violation did occur, you must prove that there was a reasonable explanation for what happened. If you are found guilty of a probation violation, you could be sentenced to heavy fines, additional probation time, or you could even be returned to jail to finish out your sentence. With such serious penalties, you need a criminal attorney who knows how to defend your case.

Bakersfield’s Criminal Attorney

Our team of Bakersfield criminal attorneys is ready to defend you against any and all Bakersfield criminal charges, including parole and probation violation charges. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with probation hearings as well as traditional criminal court, allowing us to draw from a range of experiences and techniques to effectively defend your unique case. We treat every client with care, but we are aggressive against the prosecution when it comes to defending your freedom in court.

Don’t let a probation violation send you back to square one. Protect yourself with quality legal representation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Bakersfield criminal attorney today.