Bakersfield Embezzlement Defense Attorney

When a trusted employee steals money or property from his or her organization, it is called embezzlement. Embezzlement is considered a very serious offense, and carries some major penalties. If you have been charged with embezzlement in Bakersfield, contact a Bakersfield criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Since embezzlement is considered a “white collar crime,” many people only associate it with executives in the corporate world. The truth is that embezzlement can happen anywhere. A retail cashier stealing money out of the register is just as guilty of embezzlement as a high-powered executive using corporate funding to finance a private yacht. While one may be a misdemeanor and the other a felony, both could face sentences involving fines, restitution, and even jail time.

Unfortunately, many innocent people are charged with embezzlement for simple mistakes and misunderstandings. A cash register glitch or a mistyped transaction could lead to a major discrepancy in the daily report and the amount of cash that is actually in the till. Similarly, an accounting error can look suspicious during an audit. Before you know it, you could end up in a dangerous legal situation. In this case, you need a Bakersfield criminal attorney who will fight hard to defend your case.

Our Bakersfield Criminal Attorney Provides Strong Defense

Our team of Bakersfield criminal attorneys is ready to defend you against any and all Bakersfield criminal charges, including white collar crimes such as embezzlement. Even if the prosecution tells you that your case is open and shut, a good criminal attorney can build a strong defense on your behalf. We thoroughly examine the evidence to find new information that can cast doubt on the prosecution and help you clear your name.

Don’t let accusations of embezzlement ruin your career and your future. Fight back with the help of strong legal defense. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Bakersfield criminal attorney today.