To commit murder is to willfully take another person’s life. Unlike lesser charges like involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide, where death is an unexpected result of reckless behavior, murder is executed with purpose and intent. Due to the nature of the offense, those convicted of murder face increasingly severe sentences. Since California still practices capital punishment, you could even face the death penalty. If you or a loved one is facing murder charges in Bakersfield, contact an experienced Bakersfield criminal attorney as soon as possible.

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At our law office, we understand that you are in a grave situation and work hard to protect your best interests at every turn. We work closely with forensics specialists, lab technicians, and other experts to uncover evidence that will prove your case and expose vital flaws in the prosecution. Whether we negotiate reduced charges or fight to have your case dismissed, we are always fully in your corner.

When you are facing murder charges, your own life is on the line. You cannot afford to take chances with a less experienced lawyer who may lack the confidence and skill to properly defend you. Protect yourself with help of an expert legal defense. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a top Bakersfield criminal attorney today.